What is the journaling club?

 A curated guided journaling experience so you can start and stick to a  journaling ritual that works for you.

We sell journals and an annual guided journaling membership.

What will I get when I pay for the membership?

You will receive:

  • monthly mindfulness themes and journaling tips and techniques
  • access to the weekly guided journaling audio, exercises and writing prompts via an email sent on Sundays
  • invites to live members-only events & challenges w/ the chance to earn rewards


Does buying a journal give me access to the membership?

No. You must purchase the membership separately.

What if I only want the membership?

You can absolutely only subscribe to The Club and use any other journal or notebook that you would like.

How do I cancel?

Your membership will be good for an entire year and will expire at the end of that 12 month period. To cancel, you simply need to unsubscribe from the emails.

If you cancel, it will not renew but you will still have access to your membership until it expires.

Is the membership refundable?

No the membership is non-refundable.

Why an annual membership?

It takes time for you to cultivate any new skill or habit. The club is designed so that each month you can elevate your journaling skills at a pace that feels good, realistic and enjoyable. You'll also get to experience the 4 Journaling Club Rituals that will absolutely change the way you journal or think about journaling.