The Journaling Club For Companies

Be well.

Work well.

Work well, together.

Corporate Gifting, Off-sites & Retreats

Let The Journaling Club guide & inspire your people to cultivate a journaling ritual to prioritize their well being at & beyond work.

We offer a corporate gifting service as well as live or virtual workshops for your company off-sites or wellness retreats.

The Annual Guided Journaling Membership

This gives your team, clients or colleagues access to our members-only library of journaling exercises, templates, challenges and tutorials.

The Journals

An elevated gift for your team, clients or colleagues to journal with.

The Learn To Journal Workshop

This is a fun, introductory experience that will teach your team, colleagues or clients how to journal and will take them through a series of exercises for self discovery, collaboration & communication.

The Vision Board Workshop

This workshop is a fun but powerful experience that will inspire your team, colleagues or clients to set big, clear & aligned visions for their life, using their journal. Get ready to make a creative mess!

The End of Year Ritual

This workshop is like a performance review but for your well being. It is a beautiful experience that will guide your team, colleagues or clients to end the year with intention. Best times: October - January  

If you are interested in any of our corporate offers, please complete our Gifting & Events Enquiry Form to receive detailed information on our products, events & pricing.