Start & Stick To Journaling

Learn How to Journal, Consistently

Become the chill af, less negative, softer, happier version of you that knows, loves, trusts, listens to yourself!

  • Get to know, love and understand who you really are

    Learn how to listen to and connect with your inner voice and guidance to cultivate self reliance and trust so you can confidently follow your own path instead of looking to others, feeling stuck, confused or overwhelmed about who you really are.

    A connection with yourself brings out your truest, most vibrant, and magnetic self.

    You deserve that version of you! 

  • You can’t change what you can’t see

    Seeing your patterns of thoughts, feelings and beliefs, in your own hand writing will give you the proof and motivation to make the changes to become the highest you.

  • Feel lighter, happier and more positive daily

    Cultivate more appreciation for the life you have by learning how to practice gratitude to find and focus on the good.

  • Design and manifest a better life

    Learn how to get into the right headspace to dedicate your intentions & actions to what truly matters to you.

    You’ll embrace that this is your life and that you have the power to design it so it feels big enough and satisfying to you. 

  • Honest self reflection

    Unravel the lies you tell yourself.

    Spot the ways you self sabotage .

    Release the things that don’t serve you.

    Tap into your inner wisdom.

  • Manage your life, goals, thoughts & feelings

    Actively maintain your well being and eliminate everything that affects your peace, progress and happiness.

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Why The Journaling Club Is So Good

  • Attention To The Details That Inspire

    We believe in elevating the things you do and use all the time.

    Especially your journaling ritual!

    For us journaling is about the experience, not just the act of writing. We teach you how to curate a journaling ritual that inspires you, one that will help you stay consistent & have the most beautiful experience as you learn to discover, connect with and express yourself.

  • Fun, Thought-provoking, Positively-framed Prompts

    Our prompts help you go below the surface, and get into the best frame of mind so they leave you on a high instead of giving you problems to fix.

    We want you to actually enjoy yourself and look forward to your journaling ritual.

    To giggle, smile, have major 'aha moments'!

    To think things you never thought before and connect with yourself in ways you didn't know possible.

  • You Are Already Whole

    We don't use journaling to find things to fix or to focus on what's wrong with your life.

    We dont believe in using journaling to complain or dump problems.

    We believe in positive journaling, so instead of fixing, we help you focus on what's going right and being gracious to yourself as you navigate your way to becoming, embodying & unlocking your highest self.

  • Weekly Journaling Prompts

    Never feel stuck or overwhelmed by journaling again! Each week new, prompts will be added to the club for an exhilarating, meaningful journaling experience you'll actually look forward to!

  • Monthly Journaling Tips

    Along with our prompts we share journaling tips and techniques so you can actually know what you're doing and understand the science behind why the techniques works!

  • Curated Mindfulness Themes

    We explore essential mindfulness themes like:

    Gratitude, Manifestation, Self Love, Understanding, Life Design, Goal + Future Self, Self Discovery & Reflection

The Lux Linen Journals

Because why shouldn't your most meaningful ritual be a gorgeous experience?

Our journals were designed to elevate your ritual so you look forward to journaling everytime.

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