Journaling with Your Dogs and other Pets


Journaling with Your Dog and Other Pets

Have you ever found when you sit down to write in your journal, you are joined by your pet?

Has your dog come and sat at your feet?

Has your cat jumped up and lied right across your journal?

Sensing an Inner Peace

Many people who journal will tell you that their pets often react to their greater sense of inner peace.

This might occur during or after the journaling process.

Either way, your dog or cat may be responding to the calmer and more focused energy you are developing through journaling.

Journaling with Your Pets

Journaling with Your Pets

Creating a Bond with Your Pets

Your pet may come to you for many reasons – they may want to play, be fed or they want a pat.

When you are journaling, and your dog or cat joins you, it is a wonderful time to create a stronger bond with them.

Don’t shoo them away.

Instead, make room on your desk or under your feet and allow your energies to combine.

Journaling with Your Pets

Journaling with Your Pets

Journaling About Your Pet

Why not dedicate a few minutes and journal about your pet.

You may want to keep a journal about your dog’s obedience training. If you need help with some areas, My Puppy Club, has over 850 articles about training and dog care.

You may wish to keep a record of all the funny things your pet does. You can add images to these or publish them online in your own blog.

Research has shown us over and over again that being close to an animal reduces our stress hormones, and help us become more relaxed.

But, it’s not a one way street.

Your dog or cat also benefits from being close to you, too.

And, writing in your journal may be the one time you are still and quiet, thus giving your pet the opportunity to come close and connect with you.

Now, who doesn’t need more animal therapy.

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